Is it Time to Have Your Child Evaluated?

Is your child is having academic, social, or behavioral problems? Consider a Comprehensive Evaluation A comprehensive evaluation will identify your child’s strengths, deficits, and needs. An evaluation will help you develop: a plan to help your child a road map for the future A privately obtained evaluation should answer your questions and include specific recommendations about what your child needs. Choose an evaluator  independent evaluator in the private sector who has expertise in your child’s …Read more

Alternative Placement for “Assignment Refusal” – a Helpful Strategy?

What does the law state regarding a student who is in mainstream classes yet refuses to do any assignments? He just doesn’t care. The staff has made extra effort to “bend over backwards” to provide assistance, extra help, make additional copies of materials lost or discarded by the student. IEP accommodations have been addressed, FBA and BIP have been written, yet have not been successful. I am a high school special educator. We want to consider …Read more

Identifying Inattentive ADHD-1

I am an elementary school special education teacher and I’m concerned that one of my students is being overlooked. I work with a 4th grade student we believe has ADHD-I (Inattentive) and a learning disability. Several Connors forms have been filled out on him. The inattentive scores were high, activity level scores were low, overall scores were not significant. I believe that his learning disability may have much to do with his inability to pay …Read more