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Training in the IEP for School Bus Drivers / Attendants


Are school bus drivers and bus aides who transport special needs children required to have training? Are they required to know the disability and be able to accommodate that disability? The need for training and support applies to all school personnel, including bus drivers and school bus aides. School bus drivers are expected to handle […]

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School Says Transportation WIll be Provided – But Only One Way


My 5 year-old son with autism attends a school sponsored pre-school. He requires special transportation. The school principal has agreed to one-way transportation only. Since your child needs and the school has agreed to provide transportation from his home to school at the beginning of the school day, the school needs to provide transportation from […]

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Make Any Sense: Off-Site Instruction Provided On-Site?

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Based on a doctor’s order, my daughter is receiving homebound instruction. The school district makes us provide transportation to the school for this instruction. Shouldn’t the school provide transportation or a teacher to come to our home? Transportation for Homebound Services If your child has an IEP, the IEP controls the services, regardless of where […]

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Transportation in IEP Not Provided: “Sorry – We’re Short Staffed”


My 4-year-old has an IEP for ADHD and attention/transition difficulties.  Transportation is written as a related service in his IEP but the school claims they are “short-staffed” and cannot get him to his program in less than 1 hour after the start. This cuts his day from 5 hours to 4 and causes a problem […]

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Seat Harness on School Bus: Safety Device or Restraint?


I’m hopping mad!  I have 6-year-old twins, one is autistic & verbal, the other bi-polar.  The bus driver uses regular seat belts for them unless (on rare occasions) they act out – with my permission to use the safety harness vests at her discretion. Now, the bus driver has been chastised by her supervisor and […]

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