Make Any Sense: Off-Site Instruction Provided On-Site?

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Based on a doctor’s order, my daughter is receiving homebound instruction. The school district makes us provide transportation to the school for this instruction.

Shouldn’t the school provide transportation or a teacher to come to our home?

Transportation for Homebound Services

If your child has an IEP, the IEP controls the services, regardless of where they are delivered – at home or in the public school.

The IEP team determines what the child requires in order to receive FAPE, i.e., a free appropriate public education.

Issues of homebound are determined in part by state law and state regulations, if any, on the subject.

For transportation issues related to homebound instruction, go to your State Dept of Ed website.  Check your state policy or regulations regarding homebound instruction.

Usually you will find a Guidance Document in general and often separate guidance for students with IEPs.

Sometimes different standards apply to homebound instruction for special education students.

Most of these documents describe homebound as:

  • off-site instruction
  • in the home setting
  • instruction in the home

It makes no sense for the school to provide off-site instruction and require you to bring the child on-site to receive it.

Typically the homebound instructor travels to you, so transportation of your child is not a concern.

Who provides your child’s homebound instruction? When you check your state policy or regulations, be sure to check requirements about qualifications of the homebound instructor.

If your child has an IEP, the team must revise the IEP to include homebound services.

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