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IEP FAQs: Is There a 10 Day Timeline for IEP Meetings?

by Wrightslaw

I want to ask for an IEP meeting at my daughter’s school. I don’t want to be put off like I have been in the past.

If a parent requests an IEP meeting, does the meeting have to be held within 10 days. Is this correct? I could not find a reference to it in IDEA 2004.

IDEA, the federal law and implementing regulations do not include a timeline for an IEP meeting when parents request a meeting to review or revise their child’s IEP.

There are timelines relating to evaluations for special education and eligibility meetings.

Your state regulations may have a timeline about parent requests for an IEP meeting. Or, there may be an opinion or guidance letter from the state that addresses the timeline.

Remember, if you made your request verbally, then you never did. If not in writing, it did not happen.

For information about what can trigger an IEP meeting:

  • search your state regulations
  • review IDEA (1414(D))
  • review the federal regulations (300.320 – 328)
  • re-read the Commentary to the federal regulations

Most state education departments post the Special Education Regulations on their website. Find your state’s website on the Directory of State Departments of Education on the Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities.

If you need to request a copy of your state regulations, you’ll find contact information here as well.

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35 Comments on "IEP FAQs: Is There a 10 Day Timeline for IEP Meetings?"


There has been agression in my son’s SDC towards him on various ocassions/ I have expressed the safety concern of the class setting. My son has been hit on various ocassions by a peer with explosive anger and I’ve called and emergency IEP to address the safety concern. How long does the SD have to respond as I am considering keeping him out of school until this is resolved.


I have guardianship over my 5 year old step-grandson, who has Autism. They are taking his one on one away, and I have requested an emergency IEP meeting, how long do I have to wait before I receive the meeting.


Is there a timeline in the summer for a Manifestation Determination meeting when it happened on the last day of school? Or does it carry over to the starting of the school year?


Can you table signing the IEP for 10 days after attending an ARD meeting for looking it over and deciding you agree with everything in the IEP?


I have a parent that is requesting another IEP for her son. Is there a time frame for the IEP to take place. Where can I find the regulations for California. We live in Los Angeles County

Thank You