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Does “Eligible for Special Ed” Mean an IEP?

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My 15 year old daughter was determined eligible for special education. The special ed teacher was pushing for a 504, I want an IEP. If she qualifies for special education doesn’t that mean she gets an IEP? The answer to your question about an IEP v. a 504 Plan depends on which law governs your […]

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Trapped in Whole Language – Will 504 Accommodations Do Any Good?


Please write a book on 504 accommodations that includes ideas specific to dyslexia with emphasis on reading, writing & spelling. I need information on 504 accommodations beyond the typical ‘extended time’ – things like the use of text to speech for high stakes tests such as PSAT, ACT/SAT, and medical school/grad school exams. – from […]

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Art & Music for Students with Disabilities – “They Just DON’T GET TO GO!”


I am an ESE teacher of students with autism in a self-contained class. The majority of my students are not allowed to go to art and music unless they can be mainstreamed without a paraprofessional’s assistance. My principal told me, “they just don’t get to go.” When I called the ESE department in my district, […]

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Advocating for a Child with ADHD – 504 or IEP?


I’ve scheduled my daughter for a speech & language evaluation due to CAPD and potential expressive language disorder. She also has a diagnosis of ADHD Inattentive. Our school district goes to any means to prevent giving a 504 for ADHD. They say it does not substantially affect learning. How do I advocate for all her […]

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Siblings May Recover Damages for School’s Failure to Provide FAPE


In a unanimous decision, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held that parents of two siblings with autism may seek monetary damages for the school’s failure to provide them with a free appropriate public education. The parents alleged that the department of education failed to provide the children with appropriate services during their […]

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IDEA and Kids with Special Dietary Needs


Our doctor has recommended that my daughter, on an IEP, be gluten and dairy free.  The school is giving me a hard time, though I know they are providing a special lunch for at least one other student. You’ll need to do some research (and so did we). The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) nondiscrimination […]

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IDEA 2004 and Private Schools


I work at a small private school and two of our students have a current IEP.  The staff was told that because we are a private school, we are not obligated to service the IEP. This doesn’t sound right, is it correct? It depends. IDEA 2004 does not apply to private schools. Private schools are […]

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Can a Child with an IEP Fail?


Does having an IEP guarantee my son will not fail? The answer to this particular question is No. An IEP does not guarantee that a child will not fail.

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Athlete Sues for Right to Compete; State Passes Athletics Equity Law


Tatyana McFadden has spinal bifida and uses a wheelchair. She is a Paralympics medalist and world record holder. As a high school freshman,  Tatyana sued her school for the right to compete on the same track, at the same time, as her non-disabled teammates. Her high-profile case won hearts, and led the Maryland General Assembly […]

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Teacher Fired, Isolation Room Closed, Lawsuit Pending


The following video (taken from a school surveillance tape) is a shocking report of videotaped abuse of a 14 year old boy who has autism. This young boy cannot speak and is not able to explain what happens to him at school. He repeatedly arrives home with torn clothes and in January was taken to […]

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