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Tom:  Who is required to attend a 504 Meeting?

  1. Can a teacher request representation or refuse to attend a 504 meeting if they feel the parent is targeting them?

  2. Does a parent have to be present? They conducted a 504 meeting with my daughter without even telling her father or myself. Changes were made and I wasn’t told by the school, instead my daughter told me when she came home. She is 14.

    • Britney, parents should at least be invited. I suggest contacting your state parent training & information project. They are federally funded to help parents to work with their schools..

  3. I have requested my child’s counselor be changed. I had this counselor with my oldest son and ended up enrolling him in a charter school after tons of bullying. I don’t Trust this counselor with my second child. So I requested he be moved to a different councilor.
    The principal replied to my request saying my child can see any counselor but his primary is the counselor I had with my oldest son. I am pretty sure the primary counselor will do the 504 meeting??
    Is there any laws to be able to have the school accommodation my request for a change in his Primary Counselor? Since the principal doesn’t want to move my child should I go to the superintendent of the school? Or how and where would I find a solution to this issue?

    • I’d suggest that you get a child advocate for your child that way you have person that negotiates what’s best for your child. The primary counselor would have to collaborate with the advocate

    • Yes, but a school would not be required to do this. It is not clear if the middle school is where the child is attending now or will in the future. If the child is now at the middle school, one approach would be to ask that all teachers respond in writing to a question or issue that you have before the meeting. At the meeting input from those present, & not present can be discussed. Also some issues can be addressed outside of an IEP meeting with appropriate staff.

    • The basic requirement is one regular ed, and one special ed teacher, but under certain situations a parent can allow a person to be excused. Principals are not required. Just someone who is qualified to supervise specially designed instruction, and is knowledgeable of the general ed curriculum, and of the availability of school resources.

      • 504s do not require a special Ed teacher to be present. It does not technically come under the special Ed dept, but rather student services, and it is “supervised” by the office of civil rights.

  4. Hi,
    Is it reasonable to have parent concerns documented in the 504 Plan? Administrator documented strengths, but not concerns for upcoming year. She said “We don’t know the 6th grade team yet.” Then why does administrator ask the parents their concerns and not document on the 504 Plan? She asks for students strengths and documented that.
    I can’t find any information out there stating if administrator has to document or can leave out parent concerns.
    Thank you.

    • Absolutely! The parent can send the principal & district 504 coordinator a written document with their concerns, & any requests they have to be in the child’s file. They need to monitor the child’s progress in academics, & other areas. Now or in the future, if there is only limited progress, the parents can request a special education evaluation. If they qualify for special ed, the parent and child have more rights that can assist them.

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