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lele:  I’ve had several ARD’s (TX) to try and get my child in Gen Ed classes. The last one I had in January, changed my child’s placement to Gen Ed classes and we were to go back to ARD after 30 days to see how my child was progressing in those classes. The dilemma is this: we never held another ARD and there is nothing in writing stipulating that if after 30 days my child is placed back into Concept classes. I went over the tape recording at that meeting as well and there is nothing stating a stipulation either. The campus tells me my child’s placement was changed and she will go back to Concept classes once the school year begins. I’ve cited the “stay put” rule but they say it doesn’t apply and it’s only for students with behavior issues moved for that purpose. Am I incorrect with the “stay put” assertion? My child’s placement was changed from Concept classes to Gen Ed classes so if we never had an ARD, doesn’t the placement remain until we have another ARD to determine what is the appropriate placement? Any advice is helpful; thank you in advance!

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06/22/2016 11:53 am

It appears there is no basis to change his placement, since the “30 day meeting” was not held. I work for the TX parent training & information center. We are funded by the federal dept. of education to assist parents. Our staff can assist you. You can contact me at: or find the staff who serve your area at: