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Chris:  Is special transportation written in the IEP for a student that requires transportation to and from his job that was set up by his transition coordinator to work with a job coach?

Is it considered special transportation that needs to be written in the IEP for a student who lives on the street across from the school but is not able to walk to school due to safety concerns? The district doesn’t provide transportation for students in this neighborhood because it is too close to the school, but this student needs it.

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Trudy W
09/21/2021 11:15 am

My question is this. The district I’m driving for is handing out section 1 ( comments from parents and teachers) and section 6 (transportation section) of the IEP. Are the drivers and aides have the right to read these comments without parents knowledge. These comments can be very sensitive and may not pertain to the needs of the students on the bus.

07/07/2016 9:33 am

Encourage the school to look carefully at the individual student’s needs, to think creatively and to work with you and the others concerned in a collaborative way. Keep a log of your efforts in case you need to take things further.