W & M Law Institute of Special Education Advocacy 2016

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Welcome Class of 2016 to the sixth annual Institute of Special Education Advocacy at the William and Mary Law School.

55 attendees, accepted through an application process, met for the opening reception Sunday evening, July 31 and got to know each other on The Circuit circuit.

On Monday, Dean Douglas of the Law School, welcomed the Class of 2016 to the opening session that began five intense days of training in special education law and advocacy from national experts in the field.

Topics of study keep the class busy for long hours during the day – and into the evening for after hours sessions.

  • History & Relevant Law
  • Ethics
  • Inclusion
  • Case Law Review
  • Tests & Measurements
  • Eligibility
  • Preparing a Case for Trial / Due Process
  • Due Process / State Complaints
  • Dispute Resolution
    and Settlements
  • Evidence Strategies
  • IEP Strategies –
    Preparing Parents
  • Working with Schools
  • Art of Disagreeing
  • Discipline
  • Behavior Issues
  • Alternatives to IDEA
  • Educational Rights of
    Homeless Youth
  • Section 504 and the ADA
  • Transitions to Post-Secondary
  • Creating Systemic Change
  • Filing OCR Complaints
  • Law / Advocacy Practice
  • ADA and High Stakes Testing

Midweek is time for happy hour, dinner together and packed house evening sessions –   discussion and networking begin again over breakfast.

  1. Hello – I am a mother of an autistic daughter who is now 24. I am also a teacher assistant at a school for autistic students. I am also a paralegal. Where and how can I use my experience to advocate for the students! Some parents dont care and some schools dont care. Can I get a POA from the parent of the student that allows me to handle all aspects of education, including the IEP, attendance, and any other issue that may need to addressed in the best interest of the student?

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