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Sheila:  I questioned the IEP not being followed and how she grades and now my son feels threatened and I feel she is retaliating against him. I have left messages for special ed and assistant principal no one is returning calls. I am afraid to send my autistic son to school. He is home today. I don’t know what to do next?

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05/21/2019 1:15 pm

My son has a 504 that we questioned. My husband requested answers to several things. He didn’t get them so he started going up the ladder. We learned our son’s teacher had not been complying with the 504 for 5 months. After we (my husband) started questioning the teacher started incorrectly grading our sons work. When my husband questioned this the school corrected my sons math grade and raised it 18 points because of 504 issues. They advised everything else was alright. It wasn’t. We complained more and I was suspended from my job. I’m a teacher in the same district. Our sons teacher also questioned his use of the bathroom even though there is a doctors note advising he is to have no restrictions. So 504 noncompliance is hitting us hard

06/17/2019 2:30 pm
Reply to  Letha

I was fired as a teacher in my school district for advocating for my child even though I did not work at my child’s school. This is common. In addition, my son’s school did not follow his existing IEP for 7 months straight. The official method for dealing with my complaint about it was illegal retaliation. This is also very common. This is how so-called professional school districts deal with their very serious problems. I am the “toilet Mom” for the Seminole County Public School district. My child was being denied access to the toilet even after I got a doctor’s note that said not to do this. The official method for dealing with parental grievances is illegal retaliation. It is illegal on a federal level and a state level. They don’t care. They are getting away with it anyway.

02/18/2019 2:45 pm

I questioned my child’s IEP not being followed and my child was retaliated against. Teacher does not like my son at all. She makes him face the wall, or work in the closet, When he turns in the work she writes the grade “F” and writes a derogatory name on his work then hangs it up. This us causing my son to have anxiety. She refuses to discuss the matter with us and the school including Super Intendent are no help. What should I do?

06/17/2019 2:34 pm
Reply to  Mother

Get your child out of that school even if you have to home school your child. I am a former public school teacher, and I am telling you that everything you report is unprofessional teacher behavior. It is also illegal for your child’s teacher to refuse to follow the IEP. You can file an official complaint with your state’s board of education about the IEP not being followed. Your state’s department of education can force the school to follow the IEP. It is illegal for any employee at the school to retaliate against your child.

01/03/2017 3:13 am

Document every conversation. Document specifics, not generalities. Why did your son feel differently? Can he articulate anything the teacher actually did or said that demonstrated a change in behavior? Ask the school tp provide you with policy and procedure for questioning how the IEP is being followed or how grading/assignments are modified.

12/26/2016 3:48 pm

As to what Chuck says, yes should call your Special Education Director and I would also get the Superintendent involved to. The more people you have involved the more likely you will get the honest answer. I would even send in notes/emails to the teacher and assistant principle and make sure you have copies of them so you have a paper trail. I wish you the best of luck.

12/20/2016 6:12 pm

If you have not tried contacting the special ed director, you should try to do so. Your state parent training & information center can provide you some assistance.