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Diane:  My 11 year old daughter is in a pull out sixth grade reading class. Recently, a 14 year old eighth grade boy was placed in her class after being removed from his class for disciplinary reasons (sexual comments, inappropriate behavior). Do I have the right to have this boy removed from her class?

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09/22/2018 8:07 am

I have seen classrooms where such students were placed with younger kids or in special ed classrooms. It is a strategy. In most cases, it is a break for the older student to be with younger students away from triggers. The administrators may notice improvement in behaviors due to the classroom change. The child is closely watched and monitored as classroom culture should not be disrupted due to such behaviors. You don’t have a right to have a child removed. Talk to your daughter to insure she keeps communication lines open with you and teach her self advocacy. Remember, that student also has his rights just like your daughter. Your concerns are valid but work with your daughter and let the system work with him. He may need reading support or just “out” of his other classroom.

09/20/2018 11:03 pm


How did you find out about why this boy was placed in the classroom? That too me is alarming that you seem to know something that is confidential. As far as your question you probably have not much sway with the school district regarding this child. You can bring your concerns up to the teacher or even the principal. However, be prepared for them to decide not to move this child because he already left one classroom. It does sound like this boy has behavior issues and probably needs an FBA along with a PBIS. He also needs more supports such as a para.

12/20/2016 3:07 pm

How did you come to know the confidential information about the reasons the 8th grade boy was placed in your daughter’s class in the first place? As a parent, I would be concerned that the school does not value confidentiality and that in the future sensitive information about MY child would be shared inappropriately. Regarding your question, I would doubt that you would have any sway in getting the 8th grader removed from your daughter’s reading class unless you could convince the administrators that the other children in the class are in imminent harm’s way.