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BJ:  My son has dyslexia, dysgraphia, anxiety disorder and autism. WE have had numerous complaints about the teacher not following the IEP. Contests in class boys against girls, rewards for children with no behavior reminders, all work done. Refusing to make accommodations. My child was made to apologize to teacher for getting upset when a schedule change happened- it is in his IEP to let him know of changes, the teacher did not and my son got upset- the principal made him apologize. All year I have been substitute teaching at this school. I have been working nearly full time her as a guest teacher. After having all of these issues my husband and I went to the special education head of the department. She has hired our psychologist to work with the school, train the staff and do a workshop with my son’s classes. The school is not interested in having the training. They are now focusing more on my son’s behavior than ever before. Suddenly, I have no sub jobs at this school. Teachers are now telling me to talk to the principal about why I can’t sub for them. How can I get the district to follow through on what the plan is? Is there anything I can do about this as a sub, is this discrimination?


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The same thing happened to me. I was subbing in the district where my son’s school was located. I did not sub in his school (he was in middle school and it made him uncomfortable). My son had a TBI and needed an IEP that the school did not want to give. When I pushed back, suddenly there were no more subbing jobs in the district. Luckily, I was living in an area that had a lot of districts that were close together and I got plenty of work from them. Of course they are doing that to punish you. Is it worth spending money for an attorney? To what end? To force the school to take you back? They will just find other ways to make your life miserable. I would find another place to sub and focus on getting the services your son needs.

Sharon L.

You can request a behavior plan evaluation in writing and sign their consent form. They must do the evaluation in 60 days. Once you get the evaluation you will meet to decide what triggers cause certain behaviors and a plan will be developed and training with teachers can be part of that plan. Once a behavior plan is in place all teacher must comply or you can state they are not following the IEP and have a reason to deal with them legally if you need to. When the evaluation is done and if you do not agree you can request an outside evaluation at school’s expense. Once we had our son on a behavior plan it was easy to get them to comply. The sub thing I believe is retaliation of some sort and my require a separate legal consultation.