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Kristen:  I am a teacher and I’m concerned because in my district special education classrooms are often under staffed due to staffing shortages. I teach in a self contained preschool classroom. Last year my para educator was out sick for many school days and I was on my own. I’ve expressed my concerns for student safety but my principal and our district is still under staffing us. Is there any law that addresses class size for students with special needs? Contractually, with our unions the ration is 2 adults for every 8 students with IEPs.

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Jill G
01/08/2016 5:48 pm

Kristen –

There’s no law at the federal level, but your state may have regulations that address staffing levels for students with disabilities. Usually they are based on student age and either disability category or level of need.

If your state has no such rules, or your school is within them, assistance from your union may be a good option.

06/27/2017 10:41 am
Reply to  Jill G

you and other community members should attend the LCAP meetings in your district. This is where you get to help districts make decisions about programs and student needs. You will need training in about LCAP. Ask your local teacher’s union rep about CTA coming out to train parents and other stakeholders about how to use the LCAP for student achievement.