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Barb: Can a 14 year old student request IEP meetings? – I’m in Wisconsin

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01/19/2019 9:21 pm

I requested a meeting to go over my sons IEP and to form new goals for the following school year. School denied my request saying we don’t need to meet and change anything my son is still dumb. They also said that my son will never amount to anything and they are taking his IEP away so that the teacher does not have to deal with accommodations and modifications. I told them that they cannot just take away the IEP without consent or re-evaluation but they just ignore me. I tried going to the Super Intendant and Director of Special Education and got no where. What should be my next move.?

01/22/2019 4:20 pm
Reply to  Louise

I suggest contacting your state parent training and information center. They can give you information on your options for dealing with this situation.

Jill G
01/09/2016 5:24 pm

As you probably know, the Team must meet annually to review/revise the IEP. The Team should also meet any time the student is evaluated, has failed to make expected progress, or has a change in needs.

IDEA is silent on who can request a meeting, so let’s presume that any member of the Team can request a meeting when they think it’s warranted.

A student becomes a member of the Team when the Team starts to consider the student’s transition-related needs. In Wisconsin, this must happen by age 14. So a 14year old student with an IEP would be a member of his/her IEP Team, and logically should be able to request Team meeting.

This is my opinion though, and your state may have different guidelines, so do check with your state Dept of Ed.