Targeted! Sheriff Secretly Uses School Records to Profile Students as “Potential Criminals”

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Thoughtful sad boy.

A Florida Sheriff’s Office keeps a secret list of kids it thinks could “fall into a life of crime.”

Although school officials claim they didn’t know about the program or list, we have to ask “How did the sheriff’s office get access to thousands of confidential student records without assistance from school officials?”

In an 82-page manual about the program, the Sheriff’s Department reports “partnering with the Pasco County School Board and Department of Children and Families (through our CPI Division) to identify juveniles who are at risk of becoming prolific offenders … Appendix A outlines how the Pasco Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with CPI and the Pasco County School Board identify at-risk youth.” (page 14)

Do law enforcement agencies in other communities have similar programs? The answer is probably “yes.”

Listen to Targeted” on EWA Radio (25:29) as reporters describe what they learned and/or read “Targeted: A Times Investigation” (Tampa Bay Times, Nov 19, 2020).

  1. We live in a panopticon society with no limits on privacy.
    Cops like to snoop and they are being proactive when they classify kids as potential adult offenders. When I worked with kids I saw elementary school-age potential felons who were on their way to trouble. The problem is that people tend to stereotype kids and lower their expectations when they prejudge them as losers. The kids sense this and deliver on our expectations.

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