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Patsy:  Can a 7th grade student be removed from the school’s basketball team because of disruptive (nonviolent) behavior in the classroom?
Student has been diagnosed ADHD and oppositional defiant but is not SpEd or 504.

  1. Patsy,
    Ross Greene wrote, “[Mis]behavior is a form of developmental delay.”
    Often, with students find it easier to regulate their behavior when they remain physically active. That is why ADHD experts often recommend not using removal of sports and other physical activity as punishment for misbehavior.
    Ultimately it would be easier to advocate for the student through the structure of an IEP (or 504 if you have trouble getting an IEP).

    I suggest requesting an evaluation for an IEP, including a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). Your local parent center can provide mentoring for this process. Documenting classroom incidents can be quite helpful in getting an IEP or a 504 plan.

    Take a look at this:

  2. How much does playing basketball motivate him? Does it motivate him enough to get through the day in each class? What role can the coach play in assisting? Of course, what adult is in his life to assist? I knew talented athletes (no IEPS, but should have been evaluated) who loved their sports enough to behave but it was not always easy as some could get “triggered” so easily in the classroom. In those cases, I contacted coaches were also teachers who could make a huge almost daily “checkin in” impact on the students. Extracurriculars can be game changers for some kids and maybe this kid needs a reminder that his passion to play basketball can open some doors for him later. Do you have any mentoring programs?

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