Small Differences in Tests Can Mean Large Differences in Test Results

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Learn the realities about tests and assessments.

It’s a fact that small differences between tests can result in large differences in test scores.

Got questions about tests and assessments?

  • aat.cover.300dpiDo you know the differences between tests?
  • Do you know which tests are used to evaluate certain problems?
  • Do you know what the test scores mean?
  • Do you know how psychological, academic, and neuropsychological tests measure skills?
  • Should you request a special education evaluation?
  • Do you know how to provide parental consent?
  • Should you request specific tests?
  • Do you know how to find a competent evaluator?

Find out about common difficulties children have and what tests are used to diagnose these disorders.

Get charts of tests and skills. Learn what tests evaluate specific problems, the skills your child needs in these areas, and shows which tests measure these skills.

Get a complete glossary of test terms. Learn about speech-language, physical and occupational therapy, processing, adaptive behavior, and functional behavior assessments.

Get a master table of tests with test name, author, publisher, publisher website, age range, test type.

Wrightslaw: All About Tests and Assessments.

Check out the complete Table of Contents.

Digital editions available for your Kindle or iPad.

  1. Hi, just finished due process, however school states that as long as child maintained a standard score in the same range from three years ago until now, that they have made progress. If that is the case, why would a child with a standard score of 81 be average in grade 4,,,and a standard score of 81 be below average in grade 7, any help would be great

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