Services / Terminating: IEP REFUSAL – Ohio

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Shannon:  my son had an IEP for the last 2 years. They terminated it in may stating he didnt need it bc he was doing so well. They knew I was sending him to a private school and didnt tell me that there is no IEP available there. in aug i got nervous about losing the iep..i contacted the Spec. Ed. Dir. and asked to get son placed back on it, he said that was not possible. A month later the school kicked him out. i have been begging to get him back on an iep and i am getting met with extreme resistance. Now my son started the public school in a general Kinder class and he was asked to leave on his second day. They keep telling me they need to follow the system and that they need more documentation. what do i do?

  1. You have to write a formal letter or email to the director of special education requesting that your child be evaluated for an IEP. If they don’t respond quickly to this letter, write a second one, asking that they respond immediately. “Immediately” is as magic a word to them as “please” is in family life.

    It may take a few months to get this ball rolling, so you will need some patience. Keep a log.

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