Self-Study Week 5: Help Others! Become an Advocate

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group of advocatesStep #1: New parent advocates need to plan and prepare, learn information, and develop strategies.

Step #2: New parent advocates need opportunities to practice advocacy skills.

Offer to go to IEP Team meetings with other parents.

  • Offer to be a friendly face at the table. Explain that you are trying to learn.
  • When you attend an IEP meeting for others, you are more objective. You will see the games people play, and that some school personnel know how to push parent’s “buttons.”
  • At school meetings you’ll learn more about school culture, the players, their roles, and their personalities – and how to negotiate with them.

You can help other parents, who are new to advocacy, prepare their game plan!

Want to learn who can become a lay advocate and what advocates do?

In So You Want to Be an Advocate, you will:

  • get the basics of becoming a special education advocate
  • read what advocates do to improve the lives of children with disabilities and their families
  • find out what training and certification, if any, is required
  • learn where and how advocates train

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 Time to Review

Self-Study Advocacy Program for the New Parent – the 7 “Ps”

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