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Jennifer:  My Son’s School never implemented the 504 we had put in place before school began. The most important execution was that all staff know who he was and the dos and don’t of interacting with him. With a history of school refusal, I warned that he would regress. We have legal representation, but he is struggling with going to school. Can this hinder his case? School refusal is a symptom of selective mutism?

  1. Jennifer –

    Your son’s difficulty with getting to school should NOT hinder your case. If anything, it should help it.

    Your son has been found eligible under Section 504. This means that he is entitled to a free appropriate public education (FAPE). If a symptom or behavior related to his disability is preventing him from even getting to school, the school should address this in the 504 plan. No way he is getting FAPE if he is not even getting to school.

  2. FYI, for your son’s selective mutism, suggest checking out the run by Dr. Shipon-Blum. Her S-CAT program for SM has 10 years of data on effectiveness behind it.

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