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Valerie:  What is the definition of a notetaker for a 504/IEP?
Need to know what I should ask for for a 504 meeting.

  1. I agree that if you can move to an IEP, that would be better; but I have learned from personal experience that sometimes that is easier said than done!

    There are two aspects to this. One is that it may be difficult for the child to take notes during lectures. In this case, you can write “notes provided” into the 504 plan (or IEP).

    The other aspect is that when the student is writing math exercises, social studies projects, English essays, etc., it may be difficult for the child to do his best work unless someone is helping him get his thoughts down on paper. In this situation, a scribe and/or speech-to-text software can help.

    Basically, just figure out what your child needs, and ask for that, in your own words.

  2. Check your state’s Special Ed information / regulations to see if / how they define a “scribe.”

    A word of caution! Do the child’s unique needs require a scribe in all classes? Or is the real question whether the school should be teaching the child to read and write?

    More about providing scribes in place of instruction for a child to learn to read and write.

    Here’s one parent’s perspective on the use of a scribe.

  3. I had my son on a 504 plan because of his ADHD. It did not work well & it was difficult to get services. I ended up requesting an OHI (other health impaired) IEP. I requested information on how to obtain this and it was via the physician he was going to. THe school has paperwork that the doctor must fill out & should have a policy on this. Once I got my son on an IEP it was easier to get proper services for him. I would not stay on or go on a 504 again if at all possible.

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