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Alice:  Im a math teacher in a private high school. My Principal informed us that a student was diagnosed with a psychiatric disability which meant she would be accommodated for by being allowed to stay home for several months. She failed to complete any work during the time away. She returned a few days after the AP exams were given and went on all end of year trips/parties etc. Now we learn she took 4 AP exams and earned 5s on all of them! Now I am pressured by the admin to issue her an A for the semester with the 5 on AP calculus as the only basis! No homework turned in, no tests taken. Doesn’t seem fair!! What can I do?

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09/10/2016 10:47 pm

My answer to this focuses on the fact that the accommodations are just that, “accommodations.” Could it be that, without you, agreements were made concerning accommodations, assessments, follow-up, etc.? The fact that she was allowed to attend the end of school year events is irrelevant, in my opinion. Though some may view such participation as inappropriately awarding her. Rewarding what? Psychiatric disabilities are complex and oftentimes misunderstood. What is fair? I would use this situation as a door to have some open conversations with your supervisors and look at the student culture and academic culture at your school. I will say that she sounds somewhat gifted in some areas.