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ME:  My son is a 6 year old student in NC. He uses a wheel chair because of his Cerebral Palsy. He also deaf and mute. He requires a bus with chair lift capabilities. The past 2 years his school bus has come to the house to pick him up and drop him off. This year the Transportation has bought a new bus which they claim is too long to turn into our driveway. Due to this they are requiring us to take him up the road approximately 2 tenths of a mile to meet the bus. He has not attended school so far this year because he cannot access the bus stop. Do you have information concerning his rights and also our rights as parents regarding transportation?

  1. several times the public school bus has failed to appear to pick up my grand child for school. Today I was called by her to pick her up from school because the school bus failed to appear (they have no car and she just lost her father). Is the school legally ‘required’ to furnish transportation (for safety because there’s heavy traffic between her home and her school) – please furnish a legal reference? What should she do the next time it happens? I told her that the next time it occures for her AND her fellow students passengers for that bus to proceed to the office and tell them that they want transportation. I do not want my beautiful grand child hurt. Can she legally demand transportation because our taxes are paying for this protection.

    • If she falls under special education, busing if needed is required by all states.

      If she’s not properly under special education, it really depends on the state and county.

    • What a district is required to provide regarding transportation can vary by state. When a district provides transportation to a student they have taken on a responsibility that they must fulfil. Taking this situation to the principal, superintendent, & possibly the school board seem like appropriate actions to me.

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