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Anne:  I know my son isn’t going to speech and language twice a week which is required by his IEP. He is also supposed to get the visualizing and verbalizing program. I know for a fact that the school district hasn’t provided that.

How do I ask the district for my son’s attendance records for both his speech and language services and v/v program services? I did ask the speech teacher for my son’s file, but he said he doesn’t have one for him.

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02/10/2016 4:02 pm

Is the speech & language services to provide thru direct instruction or consultation with the general or sp ed teacher? For direct therapy the pathologist should have a file listing each therapy session & what was worked on. You can send a written request for these records to the special ed director. You have the right to view all school records on your child, but you may have to push to see them & figure out what is going on.

03/21/2016 4:33 pm
Reply to  Chuck

Thanks for responding, Chuck. Unfortunately, they don’t have a file on my son. The speech teacher gives only samples of what he is doing. The speech teacher is also falsifying that my son attends speech services when in fact he doesn’t.

03/22/2016 1:34 pm
Reply to  ANNE

Anne, These facts could be the basis for a complaint to the state education agency. A complaint can also made to the state agency that licenses speech pathologists. Your state parent & information project can provide you with information & support. http://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center/

03/22/2016 2:06 pm
Reply to  Chuck

Yeah. I filed a complaint with the department of education and now the school is retaliating against me.I finally got the service logs, but the speech teacher/district is now falsifying speech services. They are saying that my son had speech when in fact my son didn’t. I keep records of when my son has speech. I ask my son everyday if he had speech. He tells me yes or no, and if he did he tells me what he did. Is there a book on this?

03/23/2016 1:54 pm
Reply to  Anne

Your state parent training & information center will know about your state regulations, how your complaint process, & other dispute resolution processes work. Unfortunately, when a school says that they are doing something it can be hard to prove that they aren’t or that records have been “doctored”.

03/22/2016 12:15 pm
Reply to  Chuck

Chuck, I had this dilema. I requested and send a very thorough email requesting all records asides from students Spec. Ed file. I wanted data, showing how his IEP goals are being met. I am to receive these updates quarterly. I was ignored for months. I filed a complaint with Dept of Ed. which it was determined the However- here is the district violated A REQUIREMENT OF PART B OF IDEA.
My goal is to show with documentation due to his disability they fail to provide what he needs in an educational setting. These laws are tricky. I was told allegations that ed.agency failed to comply with FERPA should be addressed to Family Plcy Compliance Office -US Dept of Ed. Washington, Does Wrightslaw offer a book about all this?