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Wendi:  My son is in a eight week treatment program at a children’s hospital. Two days after he began I learned he lost his place at his private school because the district said csa refuses to pay for it while he is in the hospital, stating they do not have to hold his place. He had a valid iep. I was given no notification and now they want me to go to an iep meeting to change it. Where do I start? The director of special education is also part of the five member CPMT who decided not to honor the iep.

    • Thank you Sharon. I did consult with a lawyer and it took him a mornings worth of phone calls to get my son back to his private placement when he was discharged last week. I would have fought them for a while on my own and my son would have been at home in limbo! He is doing great and looks very happy to be back to school!

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