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Katie:  I live in a state that does not have mandatory Preschool and does not have a Pre-K program in each school district. My local school district does not have a Pre-K program, but there is a local Head Start program. My district special education director says that 3 to 5 year-olds with IEPs MUST enroll in the local Head Start program with whom the district has a Memorandum Of Understanding, or the district is not obligated to provide special education services. Is this accurate?
What happens to preschool students with IEPs who live in a district where there is no Head Start, no preschool/day care, and no state pre-K program?

  1. My son qualified for pre-k program & the school provided a tutor that came to the house or day care that he was going to. If it is in the IEP they legally need to comply in some manner. The time that you have lost needs to be made up and not just in minutes at the end of a session but in the time specified on the IEP. (lei 30 minutes/day, etc.)

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