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Tammy:  My son has an IEP, it is very well written and seems to contain all services, modifications, and accommodations that he needs. However, the IEP isn’t being followed. He has not gotten all the services, accommodations, s b d modifications that are listed in the IEP. What do I do now?

  1. The first thing I would do is get your copy of the IEP and go to the pages that specifically details the services promised. I don’t know how you found out that theses services are not being provided, but create a list of services that should be provided, and your evidence of knowing these services are not being provided. An IEP can be held at any time, so request one in writing, Date and sign it. Hand deliver it to the principal, and keep a copy for yourself. They have a specific time to respond to your request (see “Time allowed to an IEP written request according to the state you live)., and give a short reason. (I need to address concerns regarding my son’s current IEP.). Be specific at the meeting of those concerns, but not before the meeting. share your finding

  2. Request a meeting to see what is going on. Request documentation of achievement on the goals and benchmarks listed in the IEP. If you don’t like the answers or they don’t give you answers you may need to get an advocate or attorney.

  3. Communicate your concern to the principal, & special ed department in writing. If this does not create changes, you can use the dispute resolution process (request mediation, or due process hearing or make a complaint to the state education agency. Your state parent training & information project can assist you.

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