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Denise:  Under the category of OHI, the term “such as” implies that there are other health impairments that could be diagnosed and that may have an adverse affect on a student’s educational performance. Could pre-natal drug abuse be one of these?

  1. Denise –

    As a point of reference children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with IEPs are routinely classified under “Other Health Impairment” and the Dept of Education even suggests it as a category in the commentary to the IDEA regulations. So one could easily reason that a child with fetal drug exposure (like those with fetal alcohol exposure) could be classified as such.

    That all aside… Eligible children are supposed to be classified under the category who’s definition most closely matches the student’s greatest area of struggle. But the category is purely for statistical purposes, and should have no impact on what services or supports the student receives – these should be based on the student’s individual needs, as determined by his/her evaluation.

  2. Yes, “such as” means this is not an exhaustive list. The child must meet the other parts of the OHI definition in IDEA rules.

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