POLL: How Organized is Your Child’s Special Education File?

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Nina’s summer project last year…

I organized all the documents I have into a chronological file as you suggest in From Emotions to Advocacy. It took months and is in 3 gigantic binders! But I have already had occasion to find things there several times. There were documents in there that I had totally forgotten I had.

How about you? Did you use this summer to do what Nina did?


How Organized is Your Child's Special Education File?

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If your child’s special education file is not complete, up-to-date, and ready for the next IEP meeting – it’s time to review…

Summer School 2012: The Power of Getting Organized.


  1. Don’t be surprised if the school staff makes fun of you for bringing your documentation. It is their special way of putting you in your place prior to the meeting when they realize how unprepared they are.

  2. I am so totally organized that I am running out of room to store all the 3 ring binders on my Daughter 33, and my 10 year old grand-daughter. You have to document everything, but this never got us an IEP or Section 504, but it did get my daughter SSA and SSI as well as my granddaughter SSI this past summer. Yes, we just have to keep knocking on the school door until somneone listens. I will once again try doing this, but my granddaughter’s Dr. told me not to be disappointed even with an approved SSI status for my granddaughter. Because her IQ is 120, they say she is too smart, but they don’t live with her Bi-Polar I and my daughter’s Bi-Polar-II. I work full time every day, live on my own with my granddaughter and still have time to ORGANIZE THOSE FILES! ~YOU MUST KEEP GRAND RECORDS~ BEWARE! I AM EXHAUSTED BY 8:30 EVERY EVENING 🙂

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