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Andy:  Does the parent’s right to give partial consent to their child’s IEP only apply to initial evaluation? Our child is currently on an IEP and we recently had an IEP meeting. We consented to all proposed goals and services, EXCEPT the team’s proposal to remove all of the (current) push-in service minutes. Our team is saying they will not give full consent to implement new goals until we agree on removing/reducing service minutes in unrelated area. Do parents have a right to give partial consent to IEP so new essential services can begin, while areas of dispute get worked out?

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03/27/2017 10:36 pm

A local parent center would know this – really? I would think that this is a legal question. I am wondering if, in PA, a parent can approve part of an IEP or NOREP. Anyone know the statute on this? Thanks.

Jill G
04/11/2016 7:02 pm

Andy –

The “limits” of parent consent vary considerably by state, so it’s hard to say what impact a partial consent to the IEP would have.

I encourage you to contact you local parent center ( They can help you understand what your rights are, specifically, in your state.