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Catherine:  The school staff & therapists will not respond to our emails. We were told to communicate once a week to director of special ed only and she will respond back within 3 days .
Is this legal? What can we do?

  1. Usually when it gets to this point, there is a background story. They are allowing communication but on their terms. The good news is that you are communicating with the Special Ed Director. Work within the parameters they give you and then maybe some more communication doors will be open. For example, you only need communicate once a week, save your questions, concerns to that one a week email or phone call will be worth your time and theirs. Maybe, the Dir. of Special Education will see a pattern of concern that is not only valid but needs addressing immediately. I don’t like this set up but they are simply streamlining you to a point that contact is only with ONE district rep. Use it to your advantage and be clear and consider in that once a week email or phone call.

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