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cathy:  What are my rights as a parent of a child that attends high school. my
child was a victim at school, she witnessed a fight between a student and a student from another school. my child simply tried to stop the fight because she felt the student was being badly beaten.  my child was severely hurt when beaten by three female students on school campus and not protected by security. I do not want to send my child back to that school. what rights do i have as a parent to transfer my child to another school for her protection?

  1. My special needs child is being severely neglected at her school. They send her home drenched in her own urine. I have tried to transfer her and they have sent child services to my home in an attempt to stop the transfer. Child services has advised that she not return to the school. Now the school board is transferring my special needs son to the same school. They refuse a transfer. I have kept them home ever since.

  2. my daughters school wants to put her in a residential home but i said no but they don’t care. my daughter isn’t in danger ed or anything like that. they also aren’t allowing me to put her on an online school or transfer her. she’s currently going to a therapeutic school. she doesn’t belong there and even they know it they said she’s higher than the kids there. is it legal to keep her there against our will ?

    • States are required to have procedures for dealing with disputes, disagreements like this. Schools are to give parents a procedural safeguards document that explains these processes and how to use them in the state. The state education agency website should have information on these. Your state parent training & information center can assist you also.

  3. My son is in elementary school and I’ve done everything I could possibly do his still being bullied I think it’s time to change schools

    • If you have exhausted all avenues and the bullying is still going on then I concur with you it is time to change schools. Your son has the right to receive his education without it being impacted by bullies. Your son maybe able to go to a private school on the districts dime. Look into that and let the school know you are considering a private placement. While you are doing that make sure your son is involved in outside activities such as sports, art clubs, or even scouts to help with self esteem and keep interacting with other kids.

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