Parent Protections: FMLA

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Tina:  I work for a global corporation that employees thousands of people but the facility in which I am located is very automated and employees under 50 people within a 75 mile range, therefore I am told that I am not eligible once my vacation and personal time runs out to use FMLA for intermittent absences for unforeseen episodes we have from our son who is severely autistic, has mild cerebral palsy, epileptic, and intermittent explosive disorder. I have worked here for 18 yrs. and my son is 17yrs. old and never had to use a lot of my personal time for him until this year where we are having aggression and self-infliction issues. Now my time is close to being used up and I’m told I do not have FMLA to protect me.

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11/10/2016 2:29 pm

Tina, strongly recommend that you consult an attorney who has expertise in FMLA issues. We have a couple of excellent articles about the FMLA by Florida attorney Loring Spolter on Wrightslaw.

Mr. Spolter may be able to help you. If he cannot, he may be able to recommend another attorney who can.

You may also be protected by the ADA. You can also contact the Disability Rights agency in your state for advice.