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Lindsey:  What is the definition of an aide and a paraprofessional in the states of Texas? Then what are their responsibilities? My daughter with profound Nonverbal Learning Disorder needs a support person with her at all times that understands NLD and can support her appropriately by talking to her and saying the correct things. Not, “Oh Katy, you choose to be happy and “see this is why you should have gone to class”. I am trying desperately to help Katy stay in school half days and the support staff lacks training. Katy also has a rare form of ovarian cancer.

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12/05/2016 5:25 pm

Aide & paraprofessional are used interchangeably in TX. Districts develop generic & sometimes specific job descriptions for this position. ARD/IEP teams need to identify a student’s needs, & then identify how to address those needs. This website has several very good articles on 1 to 1 aides, if you google this on the homepage. I work for the TX parent training & information, & I & our staff can assist you.