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Natasha:  Does anyone have an outside tutor come to your child’s school to provide Barton (or any other method) of tutoring during the school day at the parents expense?

Our school/school board is refusing to let this happen even when they acknowledge they have no one trained to fidelity to provide services at the school.

  1. My son is dyslexic & the school agreed to having the outside tutor come into the school. They paid for it because the IEP stated the exact cirriculum required & since they could not provide it, they had to use the outside tutor. You should not have to pay for an outside tutor if the school cannot provide services inside the school. They should pay for it. Eventually the school could not let this tutor stay in the school either, so my son had to go to the tutor’s place of business. He was old enough the drive and they paid mileage. I turned in mileage information and they reimbursed us.

    • I have a 7th grader with dyslexia and last year I asked his middle school if a trained Wilson Reading program tutor could go during his special ed class time to tutor him (at my expense). They flat out said no and the reason they gave was that it would take away from his mandatory instructional time that he is required to have at school. This, despite the fact that they were not giving him any direct help with his dyslexia during special ed.
      He is now seeing a private tutor specifically for his dyslexia. Currently I am paying out of pocket, but I would like to ask the school district to reimburse me. To Sharon L. – who did you contact about arranging for the school to pay for your son’s tutoring? Did the school try to resist paying? Any information would be appreciated.

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