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Sharon: Can school ARD committee disregard a doctor’s order and then the school nurse delegate tasks to UAP after doctor states in writing that son needs a nurse with him at all times due to medical complexities?

  1. This is a bit off topic but our daughter is in a regular education classroom and has a nurse go to school with her because she has a trach. The nurses provided also works in our home and when they are sick or unable to make it we are always the backup at school. Recently, the school has said that is not acceptable and they want another nurse to come. The backups are not always trained in our daughters care and we would prefer be the backup. They are saying because of ‘liability’ reasons this is not OK. We want to amend the IEP to say we are acceptable nursing backups. Has anyone run into similar issues with their school district?

    • This is probably based on legal concerns since you are not nurses. Ask them to get a written response from the school attorney against using you to show you. You could tell them that if you cannot find an acceptable backup, they can provide their nurse that day.

  2. Legally it is possible for a school to do this, if the doctor is addressing educational rather than medical needs. Also TX law allows non-nurses to do certain procedures. The specifics of the situation would help in assisting you. I work for the TX parent training & information center. Our staff can assist you in dealing with this situation. You can contact me at

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