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Leilani: Is there a Special Education advocacy group in the State of Hawaii? The teacher is accusing my child, based on what others are saying and without an adult witnessing this. My child doesn’t want to go to school. He is in the third grade and has a reading disability.

  1. Hi I am looking to interview advocates for one of these meetings. They are pushing this meeting on me. The school is already doing what I asked for though I will admit it was really hard because the principal does not want to work with parents. I don’t feel like I need to have a meeting but If I do I will not sign anything and will be pushing for IEP which I read parent involvement is a must and the 504 Plan administration has to determine if parents are involved. It was already a pain in this first meeting I had and I cut it short. I don’t want anything free. I want to pay for an advocate as I been told that paying someone will result in a better job. Thanks.

  2. The only advocates to trust are those not paid by the DOE. Free special education attorneys are available by googling that phrase.

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