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Theresa:  My daughter has ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. She was placed in a classroom at school with other children with ADHD and other disorders. The classroom is very disruptive because all the students have problems focusing. Is this discriminating against her and all the other students because they are not mainstreamed with the other students? Instead of teaching, the teachers seem to be working hard just to keep the class under control until the period is over. –

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12/13/2019 2:52 pm

I just found out that this happened to my son as well. I was kept in the dark about everything. My daughter was mainstreamed and then placed into a self contained classroom with children just like her. I never wanted this for her as she learns from her peers. I am fighting to get her out of there but the school will not budge and have threatened me if I decide to pull her out. Her teacher kicked her out so she would not have to deal with following her IEP! The other students are more important to the teacher because they are doing things with their lives. What can I do to help my daughter?

12/16/2019 2:27 pm
Reply to  Maeve

I suggest that you contact your state parent training & information project. They provide parents information to assist them in advocating for their child. If you have not done so I suggest writing the principal & special ed director about this violation of the IEP. If this does not help, you can request an IEP meeting or make a complaint to the state education agency. The state project can assist you understanding your options, & how to do them.

12/28/2018 11:35 am

This happened to my child as well. He was placed in an Autistic Support classroom without my consent. The reasoning is that he was disrupting the other kids. The other kids had a right to learn. I told them what about my child who has a BIP. The teacher refused to follow the plan and decided to get rid of him instead. When I asked about him going back into the general education classroom the school laughs at me. They tell me that he does not need to about peers and does not need peer relationships. I tired complaining to the Superintendent and the state and got no where. Can they do this to my child? What about his rights to be around neurotypical kids?

12/28/2018 8:30 pm
Reply to  Donna

Your son most certainly has the right to be in the General Education classroom. Yes the other kids have the right to learn and so does your son. You son needs peer relationships because he can learn appropriate behavior from them. Call a meeting to discuss this matter and file a complaint if the BIP is not followed.

Jill G
01/13/2016 3:22 pm

Theresa –

Was the placement for each of these students decided by their IEP Team and based on their IEP? If so, it would be very difficult to show that the district has discriminated simply by placing students in a segregated classroom. Districts are allowed to maintain such classrooms, for students whose needs are too great to be met in the general education environment.

It also may be difficult for you to do much about the nature of the classroom for EVERY child in it, but there are certainly things that you can do to help your own child. The number one thing to do is to bring your concerns about the classroom environment to your daughter’s Team.

01/13/2016 3:22 pm

I did that yesterday, and feel pretty good about it. I think I made lead way when I explained my concerns of the battles that the teachers are encountering inside the classroom with multiple distractions….I believe there will be some changes in the coming school year.

Jill G
01/13/2016 3:21 pm

That’s great that you’ve found the school to be responsive!

One thing you may consider in the future, if you’re not seeing the changes…

Think of the specific areas that concern you with your daughter and her placement. Ask that the school re-evaluate those areas. Ask that at least some of the testing (esp the classroom observation portions) are done by individuals unfamiliar with the classroom.

With results in hand, you have helpful info to update her IEP with. And if the classroom is still a rowdy place, a reasonable person will express these concerns to administration. Nice added bonus!

01/13/2016 3:21 pm

You can ask the question, “How do you know that my child cannot be successful in a general ed classroom with supports without trying them”? States may have guidelines for determining the least restrictive environment (LRE) for students. If they do, is the campus following them? Your parent training & information center is a good source to assist you. See

01/13/2016 3:21 pm

I did meet yesterday, and feel good about the progress…I think I may see some changes…thank you!