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Michelle:  My son has a processing disability that greatly affects his ability to read and comprehend large amounts of text. During the school year he receives access to a program that provides audio books with “read along” print. The subscription expires at the end of the school year and does not run through the summer. He still receives a summer reading assignment which is graded. The school has not addressed this lapse in services despite being aware for three years now. I attempted to contact the SPED department at the school several times this summer and received no response.This year, he was unable to complete his book adequately in order to complete the assignment which will be graded next week. What recourse do we have as it is not fair that there was a lapse in service and they would expect him to still complete the assignment like all of his classmates. What can we do?

  1. I have a couple of ideas here. One, perhaps if you contact the company they will give you direct access over the summer. Two, you can try sending a letter and email. If that doesn’t get you a response, you can try to contact the superintendent. If that doesn’t work, try the Board of Education. At that point you can find out who their lawyer is, and reach out directly.

    You’ll need to keep track in a calendar of the dates of each attempt, so you can move up the ladder quickly. For each email you send, wait exactly three days and then move up a rung.

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