ISO Inspiration for Wrightslaw Slogan / Tag line

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We are working on a line of promotional products and need a catchy, memorable slogan or tag line for “Wrightslaw.” Our brains are stuck in first gear so we decided to ask you for ideas.

Here are some well-known slogans:

You are in good hands with Allstate.

We bring good things to life.

Reach out and touch someone.

We try harder.

Just do it.

Fly the friendly skies.

We deliver for you.

The promotional products will be sold at conferences. Debra and Sue are lobbying for an IEP tote bag with room for the child’s file, Wrightslaw books, a notebook, etc. Tim likes the little thumb flash drives. Pete wants beverage holders (koolies).

If you have thoughts about slogans or cool products, we’d love to hear them. Please use the comment box or send an email to

(Pam is wondering if we need our heads examined for getting into a new area during an economic downturn.)


  1. Aside from items being sold at conferences, I’d love to see the above mentioned items sold on this site. It would be great if you had a large selection online shop. I know I’d buy from you items I can get elsewhere, out of shear gratitude. The added revenue would enable you to help us better. I’d also like inspirational / gift items to buy from you for my child and friends. How about tee shirts, assignment pads that have organizational tools incorporated, homework organizers to carry in backpacks, gift baskets including flavored coffee, tea, and chocolate (for after a grueling meeting), or yummy food gift baskets to take to I.E.P meetings (as per “From Emotions to Advocacy”) insiprational books, cd’s, educational toys etc. ?

  2. I have a product endorsement suggestion. Since this is a trademarked item, I don’t know if you can mention it or not but here goes:

    The laptop lunchbox system (the one with the water bottle inside the lunchbox) has been a life saver for my Aspergers, ADD, Bi-Polar child. He had the hardest time taking everything out of his lunchbox and figuring out what to start with first. His ADD made it likely that he’d leave his drink thermos in his locker. The laptop lunchbox system is designed that all you have to do is open it up and everything is right there in front of you already organized and sorted, great for the Asperger’s need for organization. This is a pricey item, but for all the mom’s who’ve thrown out 99% of their child’s un-eaten lunch everyday for years, it is worth it.

    Perhaps a partership with your logo on the lunchbox.

  3. I have a slogan suggestion :

    “Giving children the Wright education”

    and a product suggestion:

    an inspirational quote a day desk calendar focusing on (of course) special ed kids, families and hope.

  4. One humorous way to inform parents about wrightslaw educational tools is to have little tokens that are the shape/size of a quarter or larger.
    On one side, there is the wrightslaw mission statement and web address..

    On the other is the word TUIT.

    When someone makes the statement that they will do something when they get a “round to it”, you can reply that you happen to have a round tuit that they can have.

  5. Wow – You all are great! We’re glad you think this is a good idea – and you are giving us fresh new ideas.

    At the moment, we’re swamped – it’s fall conference season and we’re working on a new book about IEPs. We do hope to go forward with new products before long. More slogans and suggestions are welcome.

  6. Lot’s of great suggestions already goes nothing:

    “Follow I.D.E.A. the Wright’s way and watch children learn”

    Products: I keep my daughter’s records in a big 4″ 3-ring binder. I’m just getting ready to start the 2nd one. using this system, I can easily find a letter or report card from 3 years ago during an IEP meeting. I’d love a binder with a Wrightslaw logo – it would make an even bigger statement.

    Pam & Pete: Good luck with this new venture. I’m many of us will be pleased to support your efforts.

  7. Why not Wrightslaw for Pete’s Sake!
    Just kidding.

    Teaching kids the Wright way
    Because Education should never have to be Special .

  8. I love this idea (no pun intended). I carry a hole punch, thumb flash drive, tape recorder, calculator, labels, books, pen, pencils and highlighters in my own carry on tote to every meeting since 2001. If my tote said Wrightslaw I’m sure to turn some heads. I would purchase your tote in a flash.

    Here are my slogan suggestions

    The Wright Way

    Always Wright never wrong

  9. Wrightslaw: Education the WRIGHT way.
    Wrightslaw: Taking the anger out of IEP meetings
    Wrightslaw: 2 P’s are better than one
    Wrightslaw: Protecting your child’s future
    Don’t attend IEP meetings without visiting Wrightslaw
    Wrightslaw: Advocacy is better than Anger.

    Do we get a free sample goody if our slogan is selected? :))

    Also, I agree with the Organizer idea – perhaps an electronic version that people can print out and customize.

  10. Wrightslaw: Explaining the law and your (W)rights.
    Wrightslaw: Laws, Advocacy, and Rights for Special Lawyers, Advocates, and those who are Right.

    I would like to see the Wrightslaw logo on the white out tape dispensers that I see so often in IEP meetings… one parent told me that this is the way that she knows who is in charge… the person holding the white out tape…

    Maybe a place on the site to download a widget with daily advice and news for people who read the blog.

    Similar to a union card, maybe a card that has phone numbers for special education advocacy organizations for parents and for teachers.

  11. Wrightslaw – The “Wright” Inspiration

    Wrightslaw – The “Wright” Way for Effective Advocacy

    Wrightslaw – The “Wright” Way to Effectively Help All people with disABILITIES

  12. Why not sell a special ed child’s desk organizer? I have created one easily, and you could prepare a kit that would be very helpful. It takes about three minutes to set up once you have all the material, and the teachers love it.


  13. Pens, pencils, rulers, calculators and book marks.

    What better way to advertise “tools that equate to success”, than to advertise using tools that our kids will use to experience success?

    The phrase and/or logo could serve as a tangible reminder to our kids that obstacles and barriers are two separate things.

    Coffee mugs, bumper stickers, umbrellas for the adults.

  14. Wrightslaw – The Right Way to Learn Special Ed Law

    Wrightslaw – A Cradle from which to Grow

    Wrightslaw – We Won’t Let Them Get Away With Anything!

    Wrightslaw – Protecting America’s Future

    The IEP tote bag sounds great – but since I often have numerous files and reference material with me, it will have to be a BIG one 🙂 The thumbdrive sounds like a good idea too!

  15. Wrightslaw: Doing Special Education Law Right.

    Wrightslaw: Protecting the Rights of Children in Special Education

    Wrightslaw: Effective Advocacy in Special Education

    Wrightslaw: What You Need To Know in Special Education

    and for products — thumbdrives AND the IEP tote bag. Not so much on the beverage coolers

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