Check Out the November Wrightslaw Conferences

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It’s another busy month for Wrightslaw.

Special Education Law and Advocacy trainings coming to New York, Maryland, and West Virginia. Sign up today.

Visit our schedule page for a full listing of Wrightslaw conferences through 2010!


    Today, people in the Long Island, New York area were mesmerized by the Peter Wright’s presentation on IDEA. We have all walked away with increased knowledge, a renewed sense of capability, and a set of brand new books from which to review all that we have learned.

    Thank you Pete, for a wonderful presentation and all you do for our special children.

    Sharon 🙂

  2. I will be attending my second Wrightslaw training this coming month. One can never know too much, especially when the laws have changed since the last training I attended. Make note that Wrightslaw opportunities, while taking place in many communities throughout the US, may come to your area infrequently. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn IDEA with confidence, or brush up on your skills. After all – don’t we ask our children and students to study and review? Why should we be different?

    Sharon 🙂

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