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Roberta: A teacher recently told me that I didn’t need to come to my son’s IEP meeting since we were going to meet again in a few weeks to review his MET results. His IEP is expiring and we need to have an annual before the expiration date. They were going to write one for 6 months, then have another one in the future. He was concerned I would need to take the day off work to attend meeting. Are parents required to be in attendance at IEP meetings? I thought they were. Is this legal?

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12/16/2018 11:46 am

I asked for another Imp meeting to go over my child’s goals, accommodations and modifications. His teacher got annoyed with me because i requested for this. I explained it should not take long because there is not a lot to go over. IEP meeting was scheduled while her class was at specials and she is annoyed because she has to give up her prep. She told me that she has other things to do with her time like planning and getting lessons done for the rest of her class other than meet me. Why is she being this way and what can I do? Why can’t she realize that my child has rights to.

09/29/2015 2:15 pm

You are a member of the IEP team and should attend any IEP meeting in which educational decisions are being considered. Ask if the IEP team can meat at an alternate time that you are available. Give several options for times that you are available. Be sure to ask for and keep IEP minutes in chronological order. you might want to take a thumb drive just in case the school is having issues with their printer. They will be glad to save the IEP minutes to your thumb drive.