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Damali: Am I allowed to only accept a portion of the IEP? We have been meeting with a school OT weekly and a RSP teacher weekly. I would like to only continue with the school OT. The charter school I homeschool under will only allow me to get rid of the whole IEP not pick and choose. Is that the law?

  1. I have a similar question. My child has a physical disability. Thus requiring some assisstive technology and support with restroom transfers. She also has a few reading goals and receives OT, Speech, and PT services. She gets accommodations such as extended time for homework and tests, teacher provided notes, test read (if needed), etc. She also has math goals. However, goals have not been met and have basically remained the same for the past 4 years. She has shown little to no progress. Can I reject the math portion and have her receive credits through an online high school? If I do so, will the remaining portions of the IEP remain? What are the consequences of doing this? We live in Missouri.

  2. Damali –

    The answer depends on where you live.

    Some states require parent consent for each reevaluation and IEP. In such states, parents can consent to all, some, or none of the IEP.

    In other states, parent consent is only required for the initial evaluation and initial provision of special education. In such states, parent consent is never needed to implement IEPs.

    And still other states lay somewhere in the middle.

    I would suggest that you contact your local parent center, to find out how parent consent applies in your state:

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