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Jill:  Sped director told new IEP team “The district has an obligation to offer FAPE, the parents can THEN engage with the district in a discussion, agree, disagree, or make requests” District created new document. After we insisted that the district hold another meeting that would accommodate related services staff who could contribute to the creation of the document , the district begrudgingly held a meeting then created an amendment which refuted their final offer of FAPE. After signing the amendment, the district says that their offer is final and the amendment will only apply to the signed IEP from 2 years ago. District refusing to add agreed changes from the new IEP into the new offer of FAPE.

  1. Maybe someone else can address this question, but I can’t, the way it’s written. There are several phrases here that don’t make sense to me, for example “offer of FAPE”. Could you lay out the specifics and the chronology in more detail? If necessary you can write two comments, so you can fit everything in. Thank you.

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