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Linda: Do IEP meetings have to take place between the hours of 7a.m. and 2:30p.m.? I am of the understanding that IDEA states a mutual time and place.

  1. I just had the most horrible meeting. First meeting got cancelled because the pre-algebra teacher left for the day. Than she calls out at the next meeting. I then found out that she did not feel like meeting with me. Finally get another meeting I find out that my son math work is ripped up and he gets an F for it so he has an F in the class. I also found out that each week for three days he is in ISS Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. My advocate was not allowed to speak at the meeting. What should I do now.

  2. My daughters school is now refusing to meet with me. I requested for an IEP meeting to cover some concerns I had. The only day I could meet with them was Friday afternoon. School got back to me saying that my daughter’s teacher could not make it because her day ends at 2:30 on Friday and she was not staying. I asked them what day works for them the following week and the response was they met already and decided on her goals and what services she needs for next year. My husband and I were not there and had no input and the school refuses to change the IEP or meeting with us. Tried complaining to the Superintendent and Director or Special Ed but they are of no help. Please help us fight for our daughter.

    • You are correct, Chuck is too! But, what good will it do you. None! Keep the paper trail going and do not lie back and wait! But, the conflict negotiations is an entire joke! I have two in IEP’s for now
      19 years! They do whatever they want and laugh about it! Then someone slaps their hand and they laugh more! Yes, I have tried Due Process, mediation, resolution meetings, atty., no atty, etc. etc.
      They do NOT follow even their own Predetermined IEPS! They wrote them and illegally prepared them without our input and they don’t even follow them. They don’t follow the Due process, the Mediation/resolution documents, they don’t follow any IEPs and they block ANY contact with Superintendent, Special ed coordinators, Special Ed Coop director, OCR & ISBE, and their own attorneys,

  3. You are correct. Be sure you have your requests in writing, & document their responses, if they are not in writing. Get the district’s special ed director involved. You can also contact the state education agency.

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