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Mike:  In M-Team about my autistic age 11 daughter in a CDC class. Im told my daughter has imaginaries telling her to do bad things & that she was hitting her head against the wall.As a teacher, I had daily notes describing her day put into her IEP which have been sporadic at best with no mention of these behaviors.A rec for 30 days of homebound, I disagree with this & want to know if I should ask for an IEE? Should I hire a lawyer? The teacher said I am not trained to handle her maybe she needs a new teacher & Im asking for help to which the D of Sped quickly said Yes you are you are selling yourself short & the teacher said . All which tells me they are not equipped to educate my daughter.

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01/08/2016 5:55 pm

Personally, I had various 3rd parties verification of any disturbing behaviors incl. independent therapist and social skill counselor to give a broader perspective. I also requested the district behavior specialist-NOT the school psych’/counselor for a full Behavior Analysis. It gave a broader view of behavior and any triggers, and info that could be used in his IEP.