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Audrey: Because of a medical condition, my daughter is at risk for choking. Her physician and I felt she needs a 1:1 aide who is trained in CPR and airway obstruction at her lunch table so if a situation arises, she would have rescue. This was written into her IEP as an accommodation. The school has not complied with the IEP. My daughter has to eat lunch in the nurse’s office which affects her LRE. I could use some Guidance. thank you.

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01/05/2016 4:55 pm

Quick partial fix: your daughter should select one to three friends to invite to lunch with her in the alternate location. It doesn’t have to be smack dab in the nurse’s office, it just needs to be very close to the nurse’s office.
In the long run: you can contact your state’s special education compliance office. Explain what the IEP says and how you feel the school is out of compliance. (I’m assuming you already went through the hierarchy up to the superintendent, and that you clearly stated the school is OUT OF COMPLIANCE.)