Have No IDEA?

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Use Wrightslaw books and Training CD Rom’s to help.

“Parents, want to know you and your child’s rights? – try the advocacy book. Want to know the educational law concerning special ed? They have a book for it. Want to understand No Child Left Behind or IDEA? Well, that’s there too.” dixiwaters – Amazon reviewer

Take a look at “What in Store at Wrightslaw”.  Choose from 3 Multimedia Training CD’s, book formats to include Digital Editions for Kindle, Nooks, I-Pad and Sony Readers…and much more! As low as $7.95.

“We regard Wrightslaw as an essential resource in our practice. We believe the book should be part of every parent’s [and educator’s, advocate’s, attorney’s] special education library because of its rich and vital contents.”Patricia Luker, advocate

Already own a Wrightslaw book or Training CD-Rom? What is your favorite Wrightslaw product and why? Let us know what you think by using the Comment Box below.

  1. I own it all and have never been more grateful to have attended the training for more tips! Instruction on ‘flagging’ the law book has been one of THE most useful tools while advocating for my children. I have relied on them heavily while going to hearing pro se.

    With that being said, I wish and would love to see a guide on going to hearing. A portion of my hearing was ruled out and I am now needing to file an appeal civilly in district court. I have not been able to find any useful helpful guides on this. Would love to see Wrights take on this one!

  2. I purchased From Emotions to Advocacy and the Wrightslaw Special Education book when we had just learned that my middle school son’s school Administrators felt that “Not all kids graduate high school. Certificate track is an option that your should consider”.

    Using strategies From Emotions to Advocacy, my wife and I negotiated educational services for our son.

    Did I mention that he graduated #9 out of 424 high school seniors and currently has a 3.86 GPA in Computer Science in college?

    From Emotions to Advocacy changed our mindset from “fight for” to “negotiate” educational services.

    All about IEP’s is another must have for parents who desire to make a difference in your child’s success story.

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