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Denine: My son is diagnosed autistic and has had quite a number of incidences where a paraprofessional that works in the school says and does inappropriate things to him and I would like to file a complaint and or investigate the situation. how do I go about doing it?

  1. Hello,I have been emailing my sons teachers to make sure his IEP is followed and to make sure his assignments are turned in. One of his teachers forwarded the email to the principal and superintendent and claimed I am harassing them. The principal and superintendent have decided that I am not allowed to contact his teachers. If I do I will be arrested p. What recourse do I have?

    • Write a letter (or email – but a physical letter is better) to the principal, super, and director of special ed. You are a parent and want to participate in your child’s education. You’ve had difficulty learning if your child is turning in assignments previously and whether he is on track re: his IEP goals. You don’t want history to repeat itself. Please advise how you will receive information about assignments and progress on IEP goals since you are forbidden to contact the teachers and the admins are threatening to have you arrested?

      You need to know how the teachers and admins perceived you.

      Try putting yourself in the teachers’ shoes. How often did you send emails? What was the tone of your communications? Was it clear that you wanted this info so you could help? Or were you perceived as annoying or demanding?

  2. I need to file a complaint too. I called for an IEP meeting to go over my sons goals along with accommodations and modifications. School personnel seems to hate me. Principal emailed me back saying that I am not to contact the school again. They will handle the IEP changes without me. I told them they can’t do that and their response was they can do whatever they want. They also said if I contact them again they will bring up harassment charges against me. Please help me?

  3. Can you be more specific? Depending on what’s been happening, you may want to report it to the police.

    The standard thing to do with a complaint about something that’s not working right at school is to work your way up the hierarchy, starting with the principal. Call or visit the school and ask to speak with the principal as soon as possible. Tell the secretary you are concerned for your child’s safety. This is one of those few situations where it really is an emergency, and you need to act fast.

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