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Sharon: I was told by the school division that the graduation ceremony was optional and not a part of FAPE, therefore, they will not give him any type of assistance. Is this true?

  1. Did this come from the Director of Special Ed? Did this come from the Principal – the Superintendent? I would be shooting off some emails ASAP letting them know you are getting in touch with the Office of Civil Rights and you are also contacting an Attorney ASAP! One call to an Educational Attorney (they should offer a free consultation) – would probably send a free email for you or for a small fee. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and I have the worst School District ever (this is the 3rd one I’ve been in) – my autistic daughter is finally graduating in June (Yay)! and congratulations to you too! Such a hard, hard road dealing with this crap. Good luck! You should be very successful!

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